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Hi there and thank you for taking time to check out my website and see what I am all about. I am a Spiritual Medium and Psychic living in Dublin 12, Ireland and am available for Psychic, Tarot card and Mediumship readings throughout Dublin, all of Ireland & UK.

I am available for one to one psychic readings, mediumship readings, group readings and platform demonstrations. I am happy to travel to many places such as Clondalkin, Shankill, Tallaght, Blanchardstown,  Crumlin, Portmarnock, Maynooth, Portlaoise and Ballyfermot, Greystones, Dundrum, Malahide so in essence I can travel to anywhere that is accessible by car that is within a reasonable driving distance. from Dublin 12. Please note it that in order for me to visit your home I ask that there is a minimum of 4 clients booked for same evening, the maximum is 5 however I will do my best to accommodate you if you do not have a ‘party’  group so please contact me. However, if this option does not suit and you live too far away for a face to face psychic reading I offer Skype and email readings both of which have proved to be extremely successful for my clients from all over Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Europe and United States & Worldwide.

I am also happy to offer my spiritual services for charity days/evenings when possible, please contact me via email diademsangelight@gmail.com if you would like a helping hand.


a-new-beginningI cannot honestly say that when I was a child I saw spirit as I do not remember this happening. However I do know I felt different and I could not understand why people did not know the things I knew, it seemed like common sense to me. I often said things that were perhaps seen as inappropriate because I did not understand that everyone did not see things the same way as I did. When I was in my late teens / early twenties I began to properly research this occurrence and learned that it was called psychic ability and that was absolutely fascinating to me. This discovery brought around a whole new set of questions and reflections. I began to think that if I were able to answer some of these questions that I was asking and was being asked of me that perhaps this ability may in turn enable me to help others gain an understanding of their own life. This in turn would bring confirmation that there is truth in the statement that spirit is eternal and our life has meaning beyond what we can see. With this intention I have received intensive training for all the Clair abilities and Psychic matters, Universal & Spiritual healing, Reiki (Master), the study of Spiritualism, Mediumship, Psychology and Counselling. My fascination for this topic/ability has not diminished and I continue in furthering and expanding my development and knowledge by attending seminars around the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and the US always with a seeking and enquiring mind. I have also on many occasions attended the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, UK which is known worldwide as the Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences along with other venues. I am a long standing member of the Spiritualist Nation Union (SNU) which is a worldwide recognised religion, philosophy and science based on their seven principles.

steps My own personal development with this work for and with spirit is a constant joy and I welcome the challenges that arrive as I know they are brought to me so that I can be the best I can be. Many years ago my training for work with spirit began with an online site called Delphi and it is here that I met my first mentor Violet Kipling FSNU along with her sister Minister Doris Smith CSNU. I traveled to the UK to attend their wonderful Rainbows End seminars at churches in Billingham, Bristol, Middlesbrough and Darlington to name but a few. In May 2014 I completed a mentorship year with the renowned tutor Mavis Pittilla OSNU and on this course  my skills were honed beyond my expectations. I also completed the Advanced Mentorship for The Professional Medium & Teacher in Manchester in November 2016 and will continue to add to my knowledge for my work with and for spirit under the watchful eye of this wonderful tutor. I have also achieved the CSNU award from Spiritual National Union UK.


prayerI am truly humbled that spirit have chosen to work with me in so many different and wonderful ways. All of this I do with the intention of being a clear and truthful voice for spirit world and with this voice I can show how we can still connect with our loved ones who now reside in spirit world and that we are all, in truth, eternal souls.

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