Another successful training course

I am delighted that I have completed another of Tony Stockwell’s intensive week of mediumship training. And again I had such a wonderful time, meeting fantastic people, making new friends and rekindling old ones, ahh I just loved every moment of it. I never tire of Tony’s teaching, he is so gentle and yet pushy at the same time, how does he do that! I brought home with me new ideas, old ideas strengthened and a bit more confidence than I had getting on the plane to the UK. I laughed and I cried, sometimes I cried with the laughing, I smiled and I grimaced but each day I went to bed looking forward to the next and wondering what it would bring. I will keep you all posted about what I am getting up to in the coming weeks and months. Ideas are being turned into plans and plans turning into actualities, it is all so very exciting. I love love love working for spirit and will each day endeavour to be my best that I can be at that time. 

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