Same old same old?


It is interesting I feel when we look at our lives and see that generally speaking we do more or less the same thing each day. I know that we vary slightly, one day I will sit on my laptop researching and reading and another I will sit on it writing, but I am basically doing the same thing.I bet you who are reading this will agree but perhaps thing hmm is that a tad boring? I will be honest and say yes I do get ‘bored’ but that is only when I am not doing what I ought to be doing, I never have nothing to do. But (always with the but) those things that I am supposed to be doing are perhaps not as exciting as other things I need to do, e.g. write an essay on a whatever it is. Now what I do know is as soon as I sit down and actively carry out this task I have no problem at all so what prevented me in starting in the first place. There are a few options I believe, fear what I write will be rubbish? fear that what I do will not be seen as valid? fear that I won’t be able to do it at all? Ahhh, that fear thing, it really does come back to haunt many of us even though we think we have got a handle on it. And of course most of us feel the fear and do it anyway. Last night I did a Skype Psychic Medium reading as ‘homework’ for the mentorship I am taking part in and I was fearful that it would not go so well but today I am relieved I did it and realise it was an ‘old’ fear that I held which is completely not relevant to my life now. (Skype is so good to connect with people from all over the world, living in Dublin has no barriers to where I can go wuhoo) So today instead of avoiding what I need to do I will do some of the same old same old which is not boring at all, that was just an  excuse for not doing it.

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