Bank Holiday weekend and what about that book?

At last a 3 day weekend I just love them as do most people. I am looking forward to resting up, having a few good meals and perhaps (cough cough) a nice bottle of red wine or even a voddie with ice and a slice. Hmm I am already there just thinking about it…picture it…feet up, nibbles to hand, drink of choice in hand and TV full of all the programmes I want to watch…bliss. In between absolute chilling I will be doing some writing this weekend too, I am not sure what, most likely catch up on my journaling and maybe even, I might just start that book, that one that I have been meaning to write for years now, have even been asked to write it too. The book which has for years been roaming around my brain, words scenarios and layouts need to come from the thought format into a reality. So what has been holding me back you may very well ask and I reply Ah but I see so many others bringing out books and I think gosh that is a lot of books from people in my environment and I question is another needed? I then answer that there is always a diamond among the rough and my book just might be that for someone. Anyhow no matter what it is you choose to do with your free time I hope you enjoy it and get great joy from it. Have a good weekend, I know I will book

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