Another bank holiday weekend, sweet!

Here we are at another long weekend in Ireland with mini heat wave forecast, good times ahead and I am already smelling the BBQ & feeling warm and dry while in the open (usually I am damp and cold!)no sun. However I woke up to grey clouds and no sun at all!! Did it bother me? Nope, it is my day for a lie on and that my friends, if we were playing rock paper scissors, wins over everything, so back down in my bed I did lie and proceded to extract a few more zzz’s. ┬áThe last long weekend we had I was supposed to motivate myself enough to begin writing ‘the’book but all I motivated myself to do eat drink sleep and chilllll. I do not admonish myself for it as it was well needed and deserved. This weekend I have research to do for my mentorship programme homework. I am to give a two page report on the magnificent UK spiritualist medium Estelle Roberts who sadly for me passed in the 1970’s cos this is a woman I would dearly love to meet and have a good old natter with. The interfering factor this time is a birthday which needs to be marked as it is a milestone birthday for hubby, so oh dear I predict food drink and partying on its way. Estelle Roberts is invited too so we are going to have a grand time. At a further time I will share some of the information gleaned on Estelle I have if anyone is interested, just let me know. So as we leave the month of May behind I will wish you all a wonderful weekend and a happy June.

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