Never stop dreaming


Life never fails to fascinate me. Last night I had the absolute pleasure of cyberly meeting up with someone that I have not seen and chatted with in many years. We used to frequent the same chat site where we both attended classes which taught us so much about spirit and spiritualism (I actually used to teach there too). We also attended seminars and workshops run by some of the most wonderful tutors who  taught/teach at what we lovingly call Hogwarts but to correctly name it, the Arthur Findlay College. My friend is now president of a spiritual church and I just think that is so fantastic and am so well chuffed for her.

Way back then, all those years ago when we were just crawling along thinking we may never be any use at all to spirit, we could not have imagined that we would be all that we are now, dreamed it perhaps yes. And now we are those dreams, we are living what we needed to become for spirit and ourselves. AND knowing that there is more to come yet is very exciting.  With all that said what I would like to share with everyone is this, never give up folks, dreams do come true and sometimes it happens when we are not looking. I am living proof of that fact xx


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