When the World says “give up”, Hope whispers “try one more time”.


This weekend I will be at a fundraiser in Limerick. I will be up at silly o’clock on a Saturday morning and will get home quite late for a working day. Am  I complaining? absolutely not, I know I am lucky, very very lucky in comparison to the people we are endeavoring to raise money for.  Yes it will be tiring but I have a bed that I will be sleeping in on Saturday night, warm and safe, I am lucky and I am grateful.  There will be 12 of us in total, all doing our own type of readings and healings and I know that this will be a day I remember for a long time, it feels right. All funds go towards building community food gardens for the impoverished in Africa. I want to say to those whom we are wanting to help “Please do not give and try to remember that when the World says “give up”,  Hope will always whisper “try one more time”, Let me try with you.

***delighted to add that this fundraiser day raised nearly €1,000!! How brilliant is that***

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