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The Trance Mastery Course with Helen DaVita

Each course is an independent training weekend. However students must complete all 5 weekends and write a short essay on a Pioneer Trance Medium in order to achieve the Certificate of the Trance Mastery course.


In 2014 and 2015 I will be co-hosting with Peter Matthew of Cork this new, very progressive and first of its kind course!!!!

1) Introductory course to working in altered states including the overshadowed and inspirational states & Trance Healing

2) Progressive Trance work – The Trance Sitting

3) Progressive Trance Healing

4) Advanced Trance practices, including Spirit Intelligence and publicly demonstrating Trance

5) Trance leading to Physical Mediumship

There will be a 6th weekend for demonstration, accreditation and awards for Cork and Dublin students which will take place in Dublin on the 5th & 6th of December 2015

Courses may be taken in any order however all students must have linked to Spirit before and have a good understanding of Mediumship in general.

For those who have undertaken quality training in Trance before course 1 may be omitted at the discretion of Helen DaVita in order to receive the certificate.

This course will be running in Dublin and in Cork on different dates (if you miss one in Dublin you can do it in Cork and visa versa). Dates are being finalised and will be posted soon as we have them. Please contact Peter at petermedium@gmail.com with a statement of interest as soon as possible as places are limited and names will be taken on a first name first served basis. The fee for each weekend is €170 with a deposit of €50 per course securing a place.

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