New book worth reading!!!

outofamediumsmouthA book was published recently on Amazon Kindle called ‘Out of a Mediums Mouth’ , author Michael R. Flood from Belfast, about the history of Spiritualism in Ireland. Its a great read with lots of historical facts and lots of information on our own home grown Mediums. Definitely worth reading as it gives great insight to the passage that Spiritualism has taken over the last 150 years or so.

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Inspired whilst I slept

prayer  I woke up this morning with words in my mind and for a change I wrote them down as I usually just think hmm that sounds good. It turns out to be a wonderful prayer, poem, intent or whatever it may be named and I know it has come from deep within and I would like to share it with anyone who may need it.
Stand on the Shoulders of Prayer

As I sit and wallow in this pool of despair I hear my name called, it is whispered through the air

The whisper says do not sit on your own in your pain and your sorrow

Come sit and chat with my friends, Hope and Faith and you will find your suffering they can narrow

They will point you to their supports, prayer and intent and when you stand on their shoulders you will see the real you that is by others seen

With your radiant soul, your power of integrity and all the joy for others you have been

So do not sit in pain and sorrow, instead come stand on the strong shoulders of prayer and intent

Then you will see the bright world that is your new tomorrow

© Suebh

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Busy times now and ahead

leonardoHi all, I thought I would update you on where I have been and what I was getting up to. I had a thought last year that it would be good to bring over UK tutors and also use the wonderful tutors we have in Ireland to run mediumship workshops. My thoughts were to run high calibre training with experienced teachers that take no nonsense but remain respectful to their students and of course to spirit. This is certainly taking off and I am very delighted with this. Some dates and courses are finalised and others are agreed but no dates set yet but as soon as I have them I will post them here and on my Facebook page (

I myself am continuing my pursuit to being the best medium I can be. I am also doing my SNU exams, SD1 and PAS so as ever it is onwards and upwards and always for spirit. From spirit, through spirit and to spirit. ©Suebh

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Exciting News!!


The Trance Mastery Course with Helen DaVita

Each course is an independent training weekend. However students must complete all 5 weekends and write a short essay on a Pioneer Trance Medium in order to achieve the Certificate of the Trance Mastery course.


In 2014 and 2015 I will be co-hosting with Peter Matthew of Cork this new, very progressive and first of its kind course!!!!

1) Introductory course to working in altered states including the overshadowed and inspirational states & Trance Healing

2) Progressive Trance work – The Trance Sitting

3) Progressive Trance Healing

4) Advanced Trance practices, including Spirit Intelligence and publicly demonstrating Trance

5) Trance leading to Physical Mediumship

There will be a 6th weekend for demonstration, accreditation and awards for Cork and Dublin students which will take place in Dublin on the 5th & 6th of December 2015

Courses may be taken in any order however all students must have linked to Spirit before and have a good understanding of Mediumship in general.

For those who have undertaken quality training in Trance before course 1 may be omitted at the discretion of Helen DaVita in order to receive the certificate.

This course will be running in Dublin and in Cork on different dates (if you miss one in Dublin you can do it in Cork and visa versa). Dates are being finalised and will be posted soon as we have them. Please contact Peter at with a statement of interest as soon as possible as places are limited and names will be taken on a first name first served basis. The fee for each weekend is €170 with a deposit of €50 per course securing a place.

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Lesson learned (again??)

Something happened in my life that caused me to step back and look at releasing myself from a situation, to not judge and to exercise forgiveness. As I thought about this some pretty deep thoughts landed on my mind and I shared them on my Facebook page but I feel it is worthy of space on my blog page too.  I pick up quotes and statements on the net but never claim them for my own and the picture & quote on it has the authors names on it but the words written are mine.

 forgiveTo forgive we often need to look deep into ourselves to access that point which causes us pain. This can be a place of fear, a place of avoidance but it is a place that may also hold our future, our confidence and our soul need. We may already know the saying feel the fear and do it anyway, I believe strongly in those words. But remember this too, without fear there is no bravery. Be brave and be true to you and your soul need. This is the place where forgiveness lies, within your bravery. So go now and be a hero and this time it is for you. ® Suebh 2013


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Website wobbled a bit but is all stable again

I am back live although in fairness I was always live just not here. I will be able to update blogs and things that are happening along the way for me  so am well happy.

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On air!


I took part in an internet radio show based in Ohio last night and I loved every moment of it (if anyone would like to listen I can post the link but it is an hour long so as you know in advance lol). The host Susan Averre and I chatted for about 15 mins where I spoke about Samhain and how the festival of Halloween came about. Then she asked me how I got to where I am, how I work with Spirit and to tell her and the listeners about all it! This kind of question always used to flummox me because I dislike talking about myself and usually get all tongue tied but I am delighted to say I had no problem answering it this time round. I have progressed!!!

Here is a link to the show if you would like to check it out, it is an hour long but fast moving

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When the World says “give up”, Hope whispers “try one more time”.


This weekend I will be at a fundraiser in Limerick. I will be up at silly o’clock on a Saturday morning and will get home quite late for a working day. Am  I complaining? absolutely not, I know I am lucky, very very lucky in comparison to the people we are endeavoring to raise money for.  Yes it will be tiring but I have a bed that I will be sleeping in on Saturday night, warm and safe, I am lucky and I am grateful.  There will be 12 of us in total, all doing our own type of readings and healings and I know that this will be a day I remember for a long time, it feels right. All funds go towards building community food gardens for the impoverished in Africa. I want to say to those whom we are wanting to help “Please do not give and try to remember that when the World says “give up”,  Hope will always whisper “try one more time”, Let me try with you.

***delighted to add that this fundraiser day raised nearly €1,000!! How brilliant is that***

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Never stop dreaming


Life never fails to fascinate me. Last night I had the absolute pleasure of cyberly meeting up with someone that I have not seen and chatted with in many years. We used to frequent the same chat site where we both attended classes which taught us so much about spirit and spiritualism (I actually used to teach there too). We also attended seminars and workshops run by some of the most wonderful tutors who  taught/teach at what we lovingly call Hogwarts but to correctly name it, the Arthur Findlay College. My friend is now president of a spiritual church and I just think that is so fantastic and am so well chuffed for her.

Way back then, all those years ago when we were just crawling along thinking we may never be any use at all to spirit, we could not have imagined that we would be all that we are now, dreamed it perhaps yes. And now we are those dreams, we are living what we needed to become for spirit and ourselves. AND knowing that there is more to come yet is very exciting.  With all that said what I would like to share with everyone is this, never give up folks, dreams do come true and sometimes it happens when we are not looking. I am living proof of that fact xx


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Another bank holiday weekend, sweet!

Here we are at another long weekend in Ireland with mini heat wave forecast, good times ahead and I am already smelling the BBQ & feeling warm and dry while in the open (usually I am damp and cold!)no sun. However I woke up to grey clouds and no sun at all!! Did it bother me? Nope, it is my day for a lie on and that my friends, if we were playing rock paper scissors, wins over everything, so back down in my bed I did lie and proceded to extract a few more zzz’s.  The last long weekend we had I was supposed to motivate myself enough to begin writing ‘the’book but all I motivated myself to do eat drink sleep and chilllll. I do not admonish myself for it as it was well needed and deserved. This weekend I have research to do for my mentorship programme homework. I am to give a two page report on the magnificent UK spiritualist medium Estelle Roberts who sadly for me passed in the 1970’s cos this is a woman I would dearly love to meet and have a good old natter with. The interfering factor this time is a birthday which needs to be marked as it is a milestone birthday for hubby, so oh dear I predict food drink and partying on its way. Estelle Roberts is invited too so we are going to have a grand time. At a further time I will share some of the information gleaned on Estelle I have if anyone is interested, just let me know. So as we leave the month of May behind I will wish you all a wonderful weekend and a happy June.

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