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A little about me!


I love to use my psychic and clairvoyant ability to assist others who may be working through issues or confusions that are present in their lives. We are all moving along the journey of human living with the challenges that come our way. My intention and hope is to shine light on a new and different perspective that can make this path a little smoother.

I am truly humbled that spirit continue to work with me in so many different and wonderful ways.


Hi there and thank you for taking time to check out my website to have a peek what I am all about. I am a Spiritualist Medium, Psychic, Teacher of all things Spiritual and a Healer. I am based in Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland . I am available for Psychic and Soul Connections and Medium readings throughout Dublin, all of Ireland, UK, Worldwide including United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

The magic of the internet enables me to connect with people and clients from all over the world. So no matter where you live,we can still connect! I now have an automated booking system which make it very easy no matter where in the world you are to book a consultation with me. https://10to8.com/book/suxspmoewjdkzenpqf


I am happy to offer my spiritual services for charity events when and where possible. Please contact me via the contact page on this site if you would like a helping hand. I will assist where I can.


So, who is Susan Hughes the Medium and Psychic?


I was a shy and uncertain child, yet I often said things that were often seen as inappropriate. I used to get so confused searching to find the answer to why people could not see the truth in the same manner I did.

I realise now of course that I was just incredibly innocent in my view of things and in truth, I still have that innocence but it is a more mature one now thankfully.

I cannot honestly say that as a child I saw spirit as I do not remember this happening. However, retrospectively I understand now that spirit were and are a constant presence. I know I felt different to other ‘normal’ people (but hey, what is normal!). I could not understand why they did not know the things I knew, these things were a simple common sense to me, a natural knowing. Why could I not fit in to being like everyone else? I am sure many mediums and psychics have asked this same question. 

When I was in my late teens / early twenties I began to properly research these occurrences and discovered that it was called psychic ability. Wow, that was absolutely fascinating to me, there is a name for it! This discovery brought around a whole new set of questions and reflections. I began to think and wonder, what if I were able to find the answer to some of the questions I have been asking all these years? What if I was able to turn this Psychic ability into something that can enable me to help others find their answers too. This was huge for me! 

This in turn opened a fascinating door to confirmations and understandings of the knowledge, the truth and the belief that our spirit is eternal. Our life really does has meaning beyond what we can see and sense. With the intention of further unveiling this amazing newfound knowledge, I sourced and received intensive training for all the Clair abilities and Psychic matters, Universal & Spiritual healing, Reiki (Master), the study of Spiritualism, Mediumship, Trance, Soul connections, Psychology and Counselling. As a Medium and Psychic the journey of discovery and learning never ceases.

Personal Development 

My own personal development within this work for and with the spirit world is a constant joy and I welcome the challenges arising as I know they are brought to me to teach me to be the best I can be. Although I will admit in the welcoming of some of these challenges, I often have the human reaction of “oh my goodness what now!” or words to that effect. However, I am able to find peace and hope much quicker these days. The joy of knowing, understanding and accepting the self cannot be underestimated. Being able to share my work as a medium and psychic is amazing. I am so grateful for this journey which admittedly has not always gone smoothly but then again, its the lessons learned along the way that had deepened my belief and strength.

‘Proper’ Spiritual Training – Becoming the Medium

Many years ago my training to work with spirit began with online at a site called Delphi and it is here that I met my first mentors, Violet Kipling FSNU with her sister Minister Doris Smith CSNU. I traveled to the UK to attend their wonderful Rainbows End seminars at churches in Billingham, Bristol, Middlesbrough and Darlington to name but a few.

I have so many happy memories of these times and met lots of new friends , many of whom I am still in touch with, it was at these seminars that I was introduced to the world of Spirit and started me on my avenue of study. These studies came with personal struggles, frustrations, laughter and tears, all of which have been a constant companion on this extraordinary journey I have had the absolute pleasure to be on for many years. It was under the awesome guidance of these two ladies that I discovered and learned to work with my ability as a medium (I already knew I was a psychic) and I began to unfold and open up to  to the endless possibilities of working with the spirit world in a recognisable format.

My fascination for this topic/ability has not diminished and I continue furthering and expanding my development and knowledge by attending seminars around the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and the USA always with a seeking and enquiring mind. I have also on many occasions attended the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, UK which is known worldwide as the Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences along with other venues.




I like to bring joy, hope and a deep respect of this sacred space I work within and this will always be my highest intention.

Contact me at diademsangelight@gmail.com or message me on FB to book a space or get further information about an of the courses I am organising 🦋


What keeps me going?

My Mantra is Onwards and Upwards!

Just keep going. Not blindly though,  keep a mindful aim and goal in hand. Challenges are here to assist even if they don’t feel that way when working through them


I am a long standing member of the Spiritualist Nation Union (SNU) which is a worldwide recognised religion, philosophy and science based on their seven principles.





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