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Diadem’s Todays the Day quotes

A great read

Till Death Don’t Us Part is a true, down-to-earth, but transformational story of one woman’s extraordinary journey through tragedy to awakening to the knowledge that love and life never dies. […]

Inspired whilst I slept

  I woke up this morning with words in my mind and for a change I wrote them down as I usually just think hmm that sounds good. It turns […]

Are their busy times ahead? For sure there are!!

I stepped back somewhat from my spiritual work and practice for a number of years to care for my mother was elderly and had Dementia. She passed to spirit world […]

Lesson learned (again??)

Something happened in my life that caused me to step back and look at releasing myself from a situation, to not judge and to exercise forgiveness. As I thought about […]

Website wobbled a bit but is all stable again

I am back live although in fairness I was always live just not here. I will be able to update blogs and things that are happening along the way for […]

On air!

I took part in an internet radio show based in Ohio last night and I loved every moment of it (if anyone would like to listen I can post the link […]

When the World says “give up”, Hope whispers “try one more time”.

This weekend I will be at a fundraiser in Limerick. I will be up at silly o’clock on a Saturday morning and will get home quite late for a working […]

Never stop dreaming

Life never fails to fascinate me. Last night I had the absolute pleasure of cyberly meeting up with someone that I have not seen and chatted with in many years. […]

Bank Holiday weekend and what about that book?

At last a 3 day weekend I just love them as do most people. I am looking forward to resting up, having a few good meals and perhaps (cough cough) […]