Lesson learned (again??)

Something happened in my life that caused me to step back and look at releasing myself from a situation, to not judge and to exercise forgiveness. As I thought about this some pretty deep thoughts landed on my mind and I shared them on my Facebook page but I feel it is worthy of space on my blog page too.  I pick up quotes and statements on the net but never claim them for my own and the picture & quote on it has the authors names on it but the words written are mine.

 forgiveTo forgive we often need to look deep into ourselves to access that point which causes us pain. This can be a place of fear, a place of avoidance but it is a place that may also hold our future, our confidence and our soul need. We may already know the saying feel the fear and do it anyway, I believe strongly in those words. But remember this too, without fear there is no bravery. Be brave and be true to you and your soul need. This is the place where forgiveness lies, within your bravery. So go now and be a hero and this time it is for you. ® Suebh 2013


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