Inspired whilst I slept

prayer  I woke up this morning with words in my mind and for a change I wrote them down as I usually just think hmm that sounds good. It turns out to be a wonderful prayer, poem, intent or whatever it may be named and I know it has come from deep within and I would like to share it with anyone who may need it.
Stand on the Shoulders of Prayer

As I sit and wallow in this pool of despair I hear my name called, it is whispered through the air

The whisper says do not sit on your own in your pain and your sorrow

Come sit and chat with my friends, Hope and Faith and you will find your suffering they can narrow

They will point you to their supports, prayer and intent and when you stand on their shoulders you will see the real you that is by others seen

With your radiant soul, your power of integrity and all the joy for others you have been

So do not sit in pain and sorrow, instead come stand on the strong shoulders of prayer and intent

Then you will see the bright world that is your new tomorrow

© Suebh

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