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Understanding Mediumship: A Theoretical Exploration
with International Medium Susan Hughes

Saturday, May 4, 2024 

3pm – 5pm Irish/British time
10am – 12pm Eastern time


$25 no refunds


Understanding Mediumship: A Theoretical Exploration, is a space where participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of mediumship’s theoretical underpinnings, preparing them to engage thoughtfully with the subject matter. Embark on a fascinating exploration of mediumship, the art of bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.

Led by Susan, this class is designed for those curious about mediumship, whether you’re entirely new to the concept or have dabbled in it before. This beginner’s guide is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental concepts, techniques and ethical considerations of mediumship. Participants are invited to approach the class with an open mind and heart.

No prior experience in mediumship is necessary.

Whether you choose to continue your exploration or further your studies, this beginner’s guide will serve as a solid foundation for your ongoing mediumship practice. “Understanding Mediumship: A Theoretical Exploration,” is a class dedicated to delving into the conceptual framework of mediumship without active exercises.

All registered students will receive a link to the class recording, once available.

Click on this link to book https://journeywithin.org/events/understanding-susan-hughes/



Upcoming online classes

October 28 – Soul to Soul: Your Soul Journey: https://journeywithin.org/events/soul-to-soul-10-28-2023/

November 18 – Soul to Soul: Working with the Spirit World: https://journeywithin.org/events/soul-spirit-world/








The discount offer is only for ONLINE bookings






Are you wishing to develop your mediumistic ability

but cannot commit to weekly classes?

This may be the answer for you.
Susan Hughes is running 3 Monthly One day workshops
where you can access tuition to assist you
with opening and progressing your mediumistic abilities.
Venue: The Spiritualist Union of Ireland, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
         Registration closes 15th August 2022 so please ensure to book on before this date.
You can purchase your place using the Eventbrite link below
or contact me at diademslight@gmail.com
      Click  HEREfor further




Now that we can be together in person I am finally able to set dates for my one day workshop events. There are limited spaces for each workshop and I would hope that you can attend all. There is a reduced price if you are booking all three at the one time (great value).
You can book your place directly with me or on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.ie/…/one-day-development…
Please contact me if you need any further information.

Weekend Paid Event – The Extraordinary Medium

Eventbrite link – https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/the-extraordinary-medium-weekend-seminar-tickets-205894033597

Email Susan at diademsangelight@gmail.com


Ann and Susan had this night organised for a while but the situation in the Ukraine has arisen and they wish to donate 50% of all profit to this worthy cause, Red Cross for Ukraine.

Night of Mediumship

(50% of all profit is now going to Red Cross for Ukraine)

Tickets can be purchased at




Please contact Ben Alyward directly at the Nothing Fancy Spiritualist Church to enrol for this course

Mediumship Training Course with the Nothing Fancy Spiritualist Church

6 weeks beginning on Tuesday 1 February 2022.
Then weekly for following 5 weeks.

These will be hosted by Susan Brothwood-Hughes who is a very experienced Medium and Teacher.

These 6 classes will prepare you for working with Spirit and delivering messages.
On successful completion, you will then be able to move on to a more advanced course.

The Course will be on Zoom.
If you would like further details, then drop me a line and we will do all that we can to assist.
Ben Aylward & Susan Hughes




                                                    The Extraordinary Medium
Mediumship and Beyond – Exploring the Altered States of Consciousness, discover how you can elevate your mediumship from ordinary to extraordinary.


Two Day Weekend Seminar


Susan Hughes and Ann Théato (Psychic Matters Podcast) present a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and learning to the aspiring and progressive medium. During these two days, they will guide you to awaken, unfold and develop your innate soul knowing, expanding it to enable a deeper blending and communication with the spirit world.

The altered states are without doubt, the foundation you need to enable access to excellence in mediumship. It heightens the delivery of evidence with competence and conviction for the aspiring and practising medium. The insight into and the mastering of the altered states, open the door to working in the trance state for communication, healing, psychical mediumship and inspirational writing and speaking.

This seminar is for all levels of development and all exercises/practical work will be tailor made to the developmental needs of all who attend.

We will be covering several topics including
• Advance your mediumship and intuitive skills
• Move into, sustain and work in the power
• Learning how to maintain and sustain a spirit link
• Deepen the evidence
• One to ones, raise the levels beyond present expectations
• Platform presentation practise to enhance your delivery
• The altered states including overshadowing, moving to the trance state

Join Ann and Susan for this amazing weekend of development where you can explore, extend, master and hone your craft further than you thought you could.

The venue is The Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. As a student of this course, you can avail of a discount if you are booking into the hotel as a guest. I have set this up to be bookable online by visiting their website www.maldronhotelnewlandscross.com using code SUSA090422.
Dates Saturday April 9th & Sunday April 10th 9.30am – 4.30pm both days
The two-day seminar is €159 investment, tea/coffee/biscuit supplied for the morning break.
For alternate methods of payment, please contact Susan at diademsangelight@gmail.com for details



Three Free to Attend Classes in September 2021

The Private Sitting – Friday 24th September at 7pm

Spiritualism and Q&A – Saturday 25th September at 11am – 13.30pm



Please email at diademsangelight@gmail.com to register and I will forward the Zoom link. There is no payment required for these sessions but I ask that you complete a short feedback form for each session


Next Wednesday June 16th is the second of our trio of Flower events. This is a free event.

Our third event is on Saturday 19th June – 4pm-9pm GMT/11am-4pm EST.
EXPLORE THE CRAFT OF FLOWER READING (THE ANCIENT CRAFT OF FLOWER PSYCHOMETRY) – Visit https://anntheato.com/…/explore-the-craft-of-flowermancy/ to book your place on this extraordinary day of learning.

Three brilliant upcoming events with Ann Theato and Susan Hughes, the first is this Tuesday,
June 8th at 7pm.
Tuesday 9th June at 7pm – 8pm

DEMONSTRATION OF FLOWER READING – Free to enter – Zoom Link: 982 8783 2718, no password required.
Wednesday 16th June
SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENTAL FLOWER EVENT – Free to enter – Zoom link 81212995874, no password required
Saturday 19th June – 4pm – 9pm
EXPLORE THE CRAFT OF FLOWER READING (THE ANCIENT CRAFT OF FLOWER PSYCHOMETRY) – 4pm-9pm GMT/11am-4pm EST. Visit https://anntheato.com/…/explore-the-craft-of-flowermancy/ to book your place on this extraordinary day of learning.












This is offered as a develop


ment course, a refresher course and a confidence booster for all developing or working mediums.

The role of a Medium is to prove beyond all doubt that life goes on after physical death. This boot camp is offered to all those who aim to provide the best evidence from Spirit that they can, who don’t want to settle for the mundane and generic and who strive to offer the best proof possible.
This is a boot camp to get you in shape, exercise your mediumship muscles and set you on the right track going forward.
This course will look at:
• Exercises for Greater Evidence
• Platform demonstration practice
• Heighten your Awareness of the Sp
irit World
• Techniques to improve your confidence (& to fall back on in those wobbly moments)
• Overcoming obstacles you may face
Contact Susan by email to diademsangelight@gmail.com to ensure your space and information on payment details 









I now have the dates set for the next series of progressive development classes/circle for mediums. Let me guide you to deepen & strengthen your communication and links with the spirit world. You will work to bring the essence of the spirit person forward, factual information is important but so also is the story they wish to share. Become the medium you wish to be! Contact me if you are interested in joining me. Please note this is not for absolute beginners


You learn something new every day, well I  have learned LOADS over the last couple of days. Although I am not a stupid person ( sshh don’t tell anyone but on occasion I do stupid things)

I made all these changes on my website to assist visitors to move around more easily. Admittedly I had online advise, but it was me pressing the buttons (the wrong ones sometimes!).  I hope that you all like the revisions and changes.

There is now easy access to booking readings. Due to the Covid situation all readings are on Zoom for the time being. Or you can book an email reading. Check the details out here https://suxspmoewjdkzenpqf.10to8.com

Please let me know if you would like to see anything else added.

Looking forward to working with you all ♥




From Monday 12th October 2020!!

I am developing and organising an interesting one day seminar on how to uncover the medium in you!

This is aimed at Beginners.

This will be a full day filled with information and practical work to assist and enable you as you take your first steps onto the path of mediumship.

Please use the contact form to register your interest.

There are strictly limited numbers for this seminar.

The date and time will be set to suit international  students as best I can.



So, this is happening, full podcast on 27th August 2020




New monthly event happening starting on

Wednesday September 3rd

I am very excited to share that my Facebook lives are starting September 2nd 7pm for about an hour or so and will be on the first Wednesday of every month thereafter.

Few oracle cards, chat and discussion with guests about all things spiritual and about life and how to live through as best we can.


I have met many people along the journey of my life, everyone has a story, everyone an ordinary person with extraordinary experiences, I feel it would be a wonderful to share these with everyone.

I will have a donate button uploaded and each month I will choose a different charity to receive any funds that come in during that month.

Please know that donations are not mandatory, you are only asked to give if you can and if not it does not preclude you from joining the event. All proceeds will be send to the chosen charity. A euro here, a dollar there all adds up.

Looking forward to seeing everyone then.

Includes PP fees

Includes PP fees